Around the World | Mr. Mozaïc

Music from around the world - extra club night

New in Delft? Do not worry! STECK wants to invite all new students to an evening full of music from around the world. Get to know us, meet new friends and the most important thing of all; let's make it a great night!

Let's start off the beginning of the new schoolyear with a blast! We're inviting all new students to STECK to enjoy all kinds of music from around the world. Join us and maybe make new friends, meet the love of your life or just show off your new dance moves you learned over summer break!

Get your tickets in pre-sale to be sure to enter. Limited tickets at the door.

Mr. Mozaïc - From rhythmic world music and obscure beats to nostalgic floor fillers. The record case of this Delft-based DJ is a world trip in itself. Under the title Everything Has Rhythm, Mr. Mozaïc takes you on a musical trip in which the boundaries are explored and crossed. A Brazilian funk that flows seamlessly into a rousing South African house track, right through the Balkans to that one cracker of a beach hit that you forgot the name of, but immediately get the feeling again. mr. Mozaïc is guaranteed to make you happy, with its musical fragments that form one beautiful whole for an hour and a half.

23.00 - 04.00 hours
wardrobe inclusive
18+ with ID

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Around the World | Mr. Mozaïc

Datum: Dinsdag 23 augustus 2022

Zaal open: 23:00 uur

Start: 23:00 uur

Einde: 04:00 uur


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